When, Where, How

2017-2018 School Year

Year-long Sessions

Long-term sessions are offered at the Beehive Preschool next to West University Elementary School.  Please email me at info@sunbeecircle if you would like to learn more, register, or just be in touch!  Your child does not have to be a Beehive or West U student to participate.

Pre-K Class (ages 3-5)

Fridays, Preschool-PreK, 9:00 am-10:00 am SunBee Circle is a very special and unique literacy class for children who love the magical world and their parents who do not want them to grow out of it so quickly. The class offers an oral story for children ages 4 and above, and a puppet show for children under 4.  Stories emphasize animals, empathy, and the rhythms of the natural world.  Afterwards, children engage in an activity based on the story and some time for unstructured free play.  The activity could be art, drama, or even a taste test, but all activities have one aim: to inspire dramatic play and help children find their creative light.

Early Elementary School Class (grades K-2)

Mondays after school until 4:30, beginning Sept. 18 (20$ per class)
This program is based on fairy tales from around the world.  Children relax outdoors after school and hear Miss Bailey orally tell a story.  Following comes a creative activity- art, drama, storytelling or music- that inspires dramatic play.  The last half hour is pure joyous free playtime- the time when new stories are made!
SunBee Circle enlarges vocabulary and literacy skills, but most importantly, creativity.  Parents report that their children’s writing has become more inspired directly after SunBee classes.

Single Classes, Events and Residencies

SunBee Circle can come to your school!  Contact me at info@sunbeecircle.com.  I also teach a writing version for young children through Writers in the Schools.

In addition, I love to do pop-up classes and to perform at various venues and free events about Houston!  Subscribe to my newsletter and check out my facebook page so you’ll know when these are happening.