Brooke has been teaching her precious program here at Beehive for most of the school year, and is receiving rave reviews from parents and children alike.  I like that Brooke created/designed the program herself and that she has such an inspiring, sweet presence with the children.  In fact, what we’ve seen with the older children is that their writing has become more inspired directly after her classes.  Her pre-k class filled up quickly, and I’ve already got parents trying to get their children into her class this fall!”

-Lisa Gale, Director of Beehive Coop Preschool


 “I am letting you know about an after school program that E has been going to this year.  It is called Sun Bee Circle, and he absolutely LOVES it. In fact, the last time I picked him up, he said, “I wish I could stay until midnight.  I wish I could sleep here

The program is simple.  Brooke facilitates the activities, which begin with a story time and end with an activity related to the story.  I stayed yesterday to help mostly because I was curious about why E and G enjoy it so much.  Brooke gathered them in a circle and told them a story, not from a book, but from her imagination.  It had not only E, but also my 2nd grader, completely captivated.  They LOVED it.  It was Japanese themed and involved characters taking on different ‘shapes’.  The art activity afterwards involved them making a mask so that they could ‘change shape’ into another form.  Eli changed into a bird.  They then had 30 minutes or so to run around and play on the playground.

The ENTIRE way home, my 2nd grader talked, and talked, and talked, for literally almost 45 minutes.  He was telling me the scene that he and his friend acted out.  Somehow telling me about the scene took FAR longer than they actually had to play.  It made me realize that his interactions in this after school program that lasts a little over an hour completely got his creative juices flowing.  He came home and started ‘writing a book’ about this scene.

It is definitely worth trying if you think your kiddo might be interested.  The kids have such a long day of tasks, it is nice to end it with creative play.”

-Amy Sahely, Mom

“Dear Mom and Dad, I love you very much.  I love you because you made me like piano.  I love you for you!  You are nice, but most of all I love you because you sighned me up for after-school SunBee Circle!”

Love, E (age 6)


“My daughter enjoys SunBee Circle thoroughly. The activities are very inspiring and captivating. Ms. Brooke loves what she does and gives each carefully handpicked story great side of wholesome activities (Art, Craft, Music, Movement). We can’t wait to explore more cultural gems with her next year.”

-Marie Havrankova, Mom

“SunBee Circle is a special time that my children and I look forward to every week.  Brooke has a magical way of weaving stories.  She takes us on journeys from dark, sea dragon-filled caves in the depths of the ocean to tall forests inhabited by trolls with long chins. Her stories have helped spark creativity in my children’s daily imaginative play.  She has also given me the confidence to begin my own oral storytelling with my children.  SunBee Circle is not just storytelling though, Brooke organizes wonderful crafts using natural and recycled materials, songs and movement, and planting a garden that the children can call their own.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share SunBee Circle with my children in these early years.”

-Amanda Mariano, Mom


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