Birthday Parties

A SunBee Circle birthday is a simple, low-key birthday… but very magical!

Price is 120$ and includes a “menu” of a long story, or a short story and a puppet show, or the ceremony of the Rainbow Bridge.  We will talk first so I can learn more about your child, her tastes, cultural background and personality.  We will find the perfect story for your little one’s very big day!

Puppet show menu: 

Story menu (some suggestions)

with a girl hero:  Tokoyo and the Dragon, Little Gold Star, East of the Sun and West of the Moon

with a boy hero: The Boy and the Trolls, The Firebird, Sir George and the Dragon

Story of the Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is a special ceremony-story for children turning five and younger.  Coming from the Waldorf tradition, it is a very spiritual and loving moment of appreciation for your child.  The ceremony includes a puppet show of angels in heaven.  The littlest one wants to come to earth, and chooses her parents.  She comes down from the sky on the “rainbow bridge.”


Now the birthday child walks across a “rainbow bridge” of painted silk.  Sitting in a circle with his family and friends,right beside his parents, a candle is lit for each year of his life.  His parents remember something special about each year: “I remember when you were two, we moved to Houston.”  “When you were four, you learned to ride your bike with training wheels!”

I can adapt this story to fit with your family’s spiritual beliefs.