The Crystal and the Whale: Hear the Stories!

         $8.00 for over an hour of stories!
illustration by Brooke Bailey

illustration by Brooke Bailey

Hear the first tale free!  Part One: “To Be a Warrior”


About The Crystal and the Whale

Sister and Brother Keiki and Ley have always lived on the tropical island paradise of Lemuria.  There are volcanoes to climb, wild waves to surf, and and whales to ride.  But when Keiki’s initiation ceremony to become a warrior goes terribly wrong, the children find themselves washed by a violent tsunami to the shores of a space-age city: Atlantis.  This glittering metropolis is full of wonders: an Intergalactic Council where aliens discuss laws with humans, a University where you can learn to shapeshift, and a Hospital where all the healing is done with crystal power.  Can Keiki and Ley ever survive in this strange new world?

And… how will they ever get home again?

(suggested ages 6-11)

*These stories were recorded live at Whole Kids Summer Camp, August, 2016.  Many thanks goes out to the children for their responses and inspiration.













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